06th Mar 2019


Top Digital Marketing Trends that can Dominate the Market in 2019

06th Mar 2019

In this tech-driven world, our first task after we get up from the bed is to quickly check our emails, and surf the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Marketers have taken the internet boom as an advantage to drive in customers and attract traffic to increase their business. Slowly online marketing is becoming a natural trend and marketers are quickly inventing new ways to increase the ROI for their business clients.

Those who already have a website or associated with digital marketing has a brief idea of how the whole process of internet marketing works. But to help the clients gain better visibility and major market share, let’s take a sneak peek into a few top digital marketing trends that will dominate the market in 2019:

 Interactive Video contents:

Videos are definitely attractive and carry a lot of information than images, graphics and infographics. Moreover, the copywriter creates an eye-grabbing video content which surely does attract a lot of traffic. We frequently come across beauty hacks and short stories where you know the benefits of using the products through the videos. Starting your marketing with videos will surely boost your popularity.

Coming LIVE on Facebook:

Coming LIVE on Facebook with a brand message or giving reviews on a product has gained immense popularity. The daily watch time for these LIVE videos has climbed up and will surely continue to grow. This method provides instant solutions and you can spontaneously speak to your watch party and reply to the questions they ask.

Voice Search:

As a business owner you must have heard of voice search and surely it has made us free from lots of typing. But for your website to come on the top voice search results, there are a few technical tasks that need to be performed. Adding the schema to the website, making the keywords voice search friendly and more. Estimates say that by the year 2020, more than 40% of the search will be done without touching the phone. The trending AI apps like the Google assistant, and Siri. And voice search devices like the Amazon echo and Home are surely a boon to get visibility very fast.

Through proper marketing strategy execution, and planning real-time stories you can grow your business. Moreover, Instagram and Facebook ads grow business visibility, but you will be needing a professional by your side to plan the advertisement story and enact it for your company. MMW3 Degrees has been in the market for over 20 years and can help you with all your marketing requirements.