Medical marketing specialists

mmw3degrees has been serving the pharmaceutical industry with specialised marketing programs for nearly 25 years.

We provide medical fulfilment and distribution services and we design and manage PFPs and PSPs. We are approved for multi-channel recall management.  We integrate and manage marketing automation for customer engagement with the highest levels of data security.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, giving our clients the confidence that we consistently deliver to proven quality standards.


Medical Recall Management

We understand the effort and stakeholder management required to conduct a multi-channel medical recall. We ensure the execution of your recall is managed by a single point of contact across all channels.

  • Approved to manage medical recalls.
  • You’ll receive the most competitive pricing on media placement.
  • Multi-channel smart execution: fax, email, SMS, media, calls, mail and social media integration.
  • Our response capture and management services streamline your processes.
  • Recall mail pack stock on-hand for speed to the market.
  • We can manage your follow-up outbound calls.

Medical Sampling to HCP

We provide specialist medical fulfilment and distribution services. You can speed up and simplify your pack and send sampling process with our web-based app. We help you capture requests for sampling, automate fulfilment and benefit from detailed, real-time reporting and analytics.

  • NSW Health approved to manage medical sampling
  • Bespoke sample packs
  • Easy-to use web-based app
  • Use data validation to ensure sampling is within business regulations.
  • Secure, temperature-controlled storage safeguards the integrity of your product

Product Familiarisation & Patient Support Programs

We design, develop and manage:

  • Product Familiarisation Programs (PFPs)
  • Patient Support Programs (PSPs)

Our speciality is automation of PSP and PFP initiatives, ensuring seamless management of your entire program, with real-time, comprehensive reporting.

  • We source all materials including premiums and promotional material.
  • We offer multi-channel automated management of all communications.
  • You can use our dashboard to review streamlined holistic reporting.

MarTech Management

We help pharmaceutical brands engage with their customers with seamless and streamlined marketing technology integration and management.

We support clients with their marketing communications across best-in-breed marketing technology and automation platforms, ensuring their ability to deliver engaging customer experiences by utilising our skilled team of specialists or their own internal teams.

Services include:

  • Implementation
  • Professional services
  • Integrations
  • Custom API
  • CMS

Data security

Healthcare is the sector most affected by data security breaches, according to OAIC quarterly reports. mmw3degrees is proud to be able to provide our customers with a standard of data security that few others can offer. We hold PCI DSS certification – the highest standard of data security in Australia, as used by banks and other major financial institutions.

We successfully participate in information security and risk audits each year and offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their customer data is secure. Read more about our data services here.