14th Mar 2019


How to Make the Most of Traditional Email Marketing and SMS Marketing?

14th Mar 2019

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving aspect. New methods are coming up promising a greater return. However, traditional strategies like email marketing and SMS marketing are equally effective as well in present times. Discussed below are some of the effective tips through which these campaigns can be successfully executed.

Email marketing

  • To make the email marketing effective, it is recommended to turn intuitive. There must be a formal welcome message, which should be impressive enough to address and impress the clients.

  • Provide key information about your organization in a precise fashion as possible. If it is service related, make sure there remains the information regarding the operational hours and the holidays as well. Service mails should include information regarding maintenance (if there is any) as well.

  • Preparing a subscription list is important for email marketing. Though it might sound comparatively tough; but certainly one should not miss anyone. Never forget to make the customers get registered. Having signed up features enhances the interaction with the platform.

  • There should be a link redirecting to the home page of the targeted site. Never miss the call to action button as well.

  • Most people don’t emphasize, but subject lines are very crucial for making an email marketing strategy effective. After all, it’s the subject line that drags the attention of the users first. It’s almost impossible to avoid attention from an attractive subject line.

  • Make sure the emails are kept out of spam folders. Otherwise, these might never get witnessed. There are regulations like Can-Spam; those should be followed.

  • If the purpose of email marketing is blogging, it should be regularly followed. Make sure that the links of relevant posts are regularly delivered. Here one can add the subscription button or signing up button as well to grow the user base.

  • Needless is to say how much it matters these days to address the mobile users. Hence, it is equally important to make sure that the email marketing campaign is mobile friendly. In such occasions, it is vital to prepare responsive designs. One can’t afford to miss the users over smartphone and tablet platforms. Hence, the email should be optimized to fit well with the smartphone screen.

SMS marketing

  • First of all, it is important to know the potential customers. It would be even better to develop a customized app to keep track of the customer relationship and the effectiveness of the texts delivered.

  • The message should be precise enough and straight to the point. Too elaborated texts hold chances of getting ignored. However, people those who are interested may visit the targeted site through a call-to-action button. Having a proper call to action button is essential from return perspectives.

  • Just like any other marketing strategy, timing plays a crucial role in SMS marketing as well. It must be delivered ahead of the competitors. Moreover, it must be delivered during working hours, specifically when someone can open. If the customer base is large, it is recommended to sort out and target the most effective ones.